Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apologies... new post is on the way!

This is me sitting down to write a new blog entry! yay! I'm sorry it's been since Labor Day that I had a real entry up. I have like 300 pages of reading every week for the class I'm in. I haven't even been able read all the blogs I'm linked to that I love reading. I seriously feel like I've dropped off the face of the earth since September. So I apologize for that. My problem is that I had a really nice schedule down before I moved in August, where I'd watch my episode on Friday and get the writing done over the weekend. But that was thrown completely upside down when I moved because lots of my weekends were spent bouncing back to my family's house where it is impossible to get anything done. And then Mondays and Tuesdays are completely devoted to reading for class, which sucks up Wednesday night, and I usually feel drained after that. I need to figure out a new schedule and stick to it. But anyway, I am sitting down to watch the only Halloween-related episode I could find, and the update will be up whenever I'm done writing about it.

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