Thursday, September 17, 2009

I apparently still exist.

Hi again everyone who may actually stumble across this. I realize that I basically failed at life for 2009. I really wasn't in any mental state to write anything close to funny or entertaining. If I had known my life was going to be so turned upside-down a few months after I began this blog project, I probably would've thought twice about even beginning it... I hate to start something and fail to follow through. And it seemed like everytime I felt like maybe I could get started with semi-regular updates again, I'd have another bout of sadness and be set back a few steps. It was rough for awhile.

I'm getting more on track as the months go by. Or I'm at least so busy that I don't have time to sit and feel empty and sad. I want to write again, I really do, and now I'm finally feeling like maybe I could have it in me to get updates out. But of course, now that I'm starting to feel that way I'm also insanely busy and have no free time. I just started an MFA program in playwriting. I moved last month, and I started classes right after Labor Day. I had to buy a complete new bedroom set and desk right after the move plus make all my previous stuff fit into a tiny space. And I'm still keeping my full-time job as a copyeditor. Because I'm insane. I have to fit 35 hours per week of work into my schedule of two writing workshops that involve constant drafting and revising, plus I need to put in 50 hours of work each semester at the theater my program is part of. So things are kind of crazy right now. I'm tired all the time. The only good thing is that I work from home, so even if I start work at 7:30 in the morning, I can wake up around 7:00, feed my cats, and make some coffee before turning the computer on.

Anyway, so the point of all this is that while I'm here and in better emotional shape than the last few times I attempted this, I am so pressed for time right now that I can't promise updates in any regular pattern. I miss writing this blog--it was fun watching and recapping shows, some of which I hadn't seen in years. I still want to do it, and I will whenever time allows me to. My program will be over by the end of next summer, and I'll have all the time in the world after that. If anyone out there wants to keep in touch, feel free to check me out on my livejournal at ...although I really must warn you that I write in really tiny font over there because of some weird social anxiety-related issue that if I write really tiny then less people read it and laugh at me. :) I took a good six-month hiatus from that journal too during my complete mess of an existence of the past nine months or so, but I've started to at least try to write there again. There's way less effort involved in that than there is in trying to do recaps that I feel should have some level of entertainment value to others. :P

So, once again, thank you to anyone who's been checking out for updates even though I haven't been able to do any. When I get some free time on a weekend here and there I will definitely post a real update again. I haven't forgotten this place at all... I just probably started this blog at one of the worst times in my life to take on something like this. :P