Thursday, August 21, 2008

Extra: 1991 Nickelodeon programming guide

So this doesn't count as a real update, I know. It's totally cheating on my part. But I'm about halfway through my next real recap (a Salute Your Shorts episode), and all the "midweek free time" I thought I'd have to get it done has been taken up by helping my mother with the first part of this big research paper she has to do that she's been freaking out over. And between leaving work on Friday and having to squeeze in seeing a bunch of people before I go, I don't think I'll be able to have time to get the update completed until Sunday at the earliest now. So, to tide you over until then, I wanted to post this in the meantime.

Below is a copy of what was airing on Nickelodeon in the summer of 1991. I believe this is correct for at least the Eastern US, but I'm not sure how other time zones or other countries worked. I found it when I was searching for copies of other old shows that I haven't tracked down yet. Thank you to Steve of Rugrats Online for putting this together in the first place and then letting me reproduce it here. Fans of the old (pre-Dil) Rugrats can check out his pretty extensive site (that's been up since 1996).

So, what strikes me about this schedule is how vastly different it is from Nick's present-day schedule. It looks like Pinwheel (anyone remember Pinwheel?) was off the air by this point, but I used to watch that all the time in the 80s. The nighttime airings of Doug, Rugrats, and Ren and Stimpy (with the asterisks) were not the usual programming, but this was taken from TV Guide the week the Nicktoons first premiered and were broadcast in primetime. What is really sticking out to me is the Special Delivery (remember that?) installment titled Pardon Me for Living. I totally remember watching that as a kid, but I only have the vaguest of memories about it. I think it was about a shy boy, or maybe it was the one about the heavy girl who was teased (or maybe they were both in this one). And Manxmouse. I remember that one too... I believe it was a cartoon. I wish they'd re-air those old Special Delivery specials.

So, what are people's favorites from this list? Had people forogtten about any of these shows? Anything here you'd especially want me to try to track down for recaps if they're floating around somewhere?

Saturday Sunday Weekdays
6AM Lassie
6:30AM Littl' Bits Kidsworld
7AM Eureeka's Castle Mr. Wizard's World
7:30AM Kid's Court Yogi Bear
8AM Cound Duckula Inspector Gadget
8:30AM Heathcliff
9AM Inspector Gadget Cartoon Kablooey Lassie
9:30AM Inspector Gadget Maya The Bee
10AM Yogi Bear Doug Eureeka's Castle
10:30AM Rugrats
11AM Out Of Control Ren & Stimpy The Elephant Show
(Sharon, Lois & Bram)
11:30AM SK8TV Salute Your Shorts Fred Penner's Place
12 Noon Dennis The Menace
(1960's sitcom)
Wild & Crazy Kids David The Gnome
12:30PM Clarissa Explains It All The Little Koala
1PM Lassie Fifteen Noozles
1:30PM Flipper Welcome Freshmen Maya The Bee
2PM Special Delivery:
Special Delivery:
"Adventures Of Tom Sawyer"
Littl' Bits
2:30PM Lassie
3PM Special Delivery:
"Drawing A Blank"
3:30PM Special Delivery:
"The Tin Soldier"
Special Delivery:
"Pardon Me For Living"
Looney Tunes
4PM You Can't Do That On Television Heathcliff
4:30PM Make The Grade Yogi Bear
5PM Family Double Dare Mork & Mindy
5:30PM Salute Your Shorts Fifteen Hey Dude
6PM Wild & Crazy Kids
6:30PM Welcome Freshmen Clarissa Explains It All Get The Picture
7PM Inspector Gadget
7:30PM Looney Tunes
8PM Looney Tunes Doug* Mork & Mindy
8:30PM Bewitched Rugrats* Bewitched
9PM Donna Reed Ren & Stimpy* Get Smart
9:30PM Mister Ed Dragnet (' 67 - ' 70)
10PM My Three Sons Alfred Hitchcock Presents
10:30PM The Patty Duke Show Green Acres
11PM Dobie Gillis Hi Honey, I'm Home
(repeat of latest ABC episode)
The Best of Saturday Night Live
11:30PM Alfred Hitchcock Presents Mister Ed
12 Mid Bewitched Looney Tunes
12:30AM Green Acres Dobie Gillis
1AM The Best Of Saturday Night Live The Patty Duke Show
1:30AM America 2 Night (Fernwood 2 Night) My Three Sons
2AM Dragnet (' 67 - ' 70) Infomercials Donna Reed
(except Wednesday: Infomercial)
2:30AM Donna Reed America 2 Night
(Fernwood 2 Night)
3AM Mister Ed Mork & Mindy
3:30AM My Three Sons Get Smart
4AM The Patty Duke Show Dragnet (' 67 - ' 70)
4:30AM Dobie Gillis Alfred Hitchcock Presents
5AM America 2 Night (Fernwood 2 Night) Mister Ed
5:30AM Dragnet (' 67 - ' 70) Dobie Gillis


nikki said...


I was absolutely obsessed with that show! I didn't really like it though, was just obsessed with it!

A while ago I found a guy who had converted his entire Fifteen Series from VHS to DVD and was selling them on eBay for $35. I went back on a few days later and he was gone...sniff...I keep checking back every now and then.

Kelly said...

Fifteen, definitely!

Melissa said...

Oh, man...welcome freashman...

I remember the episode where they form 'mystery meat,' the band...or at least, the song:D

BSC Snarker, aka Kristen said...

You Can't Do That on Television. THAT was an awesome show.

I remember watching Maya the Bee too....not because I liked it, but because it was the only thing on at the time. But now, all I can remember is that my brother used to make fun of the show by changing the words to the theme song to: "Maya eats her underwear." I can't even remember the real lyrics, just his ones.

BadKat said...

My favorite Rugrats memory is that when my little cousin said it, it sounded like “Crack Rats”. My eighteen year old self almost died of laughter everytime she said it!

Pinwheel always gave me the CREEPS, I have no idea why though.

Oh, The Elephant Show! I used to love that show, and the love song too! Loved Double Dare, but SYS was my fav! I do not remember Fifteen, but I do remember Welcome Freshmen

My boyfriend longs for the days when Get Smart was on Nick at Night…

annakelly said...

Eureeka's Castle! OMG I love you, Eureeka! And I remember David the Gnome. They were like my fav kid shows ... when I was a kid, of course.

Molly said...

Aw, memories! I watched pretty much ALL of these shows...of course, this was back in the day when kids' options were watch Nickelodeon or nothing at all :) There's really no other reason anyone would watch Dennis the Menace ;)

nikki said...

I was at the used book store, and I found a book based on the television show Fifteen. Needless to say, I snatched it right up! I'm going to start reading it tonight! squeeee!

colleenn said...

I'll have to try really hard to find some Fifteen... I'd love to see it again. I'm sure it's pretty bad in an awesome kind of way. :) The Fifteen book sounds great... I am jealous.

Powerpuff Guy said...

The Nicktoons were only available on Sunday.

Michael Taylor said...

What was the Kidsworld show about?